6 Feet of Trouble (2012)

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Todd Lorenz


This is another song that was written during my Twenty Aught Eight project. I redid it in 2012 in a different key and will a full band arrangement, and I think it's great.  While I posted it online, this is the first time it's been part of an album.  


she's got a school girl smile, and a mistress' eyes
she's got the kind of body makes a grown man cry
she's the kind of woman that every man wants
but no man can ever really have
she goes where she pleases, don't care where she's been
or how long it may last
she never daydreams about finding true love
she gets what she wants by exploiting male lust

she's 6 feet of trouble in her high heels
6 feet of long tall curves
she's 6 feet of trouble, dressed to kill
6 feet of heaven on earth

she's driven by her passion for pretty new things
she wants expensive toys, diamond rings
she's the kind of woman that other women hate
but most really want to be
she does who she wants or whoever it takes
to get what she think she needs
she never daydreams about life in her old age
she plans to get married, that's when she'll get paid


now she's married to an older man, perfect trophy wife
she gives him what she wants, even when she lies
it's the kind of marriage both were looking for, but now neither really wants
soon he'll be gone, she'll be rich and alone, is she a queen or just a pawn?
she never daydreams about what might have been
to her it's all a game and she just plays to win


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