A Simple Song

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Todd Lorenz
Todd Lorenz


I'd call this a song about optimism; that the biggest changes have to be made with the smallest starts, and it has to come from within. 


what does it take to change the world
I'll start with changing myself
What can I do to be a better man
I'll see the good in myself
I'll find inspiration, try to do no wrong
I'll find inspiration with just a simple song

how can I change the world, don't say it can't be done
a journey starts with a single step, we walk before we run
I'll find inspiration living with what I need
I'll find inspiration with a simple melody

can anyone change the world if the world doesn't want to change?
it starts with one, it can also end
the cost is measured in pain
I'll find inspiration doing what I can do
I'll find inspiration with 3 chords and the truth

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