Breathe Deep, Go Slow

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Todd Lorenz


"Breathe deep, go slow.  Know when to let things go."  

That's really great advice, and I guess I added the second line to something I've heard Chuck Clark say many times.  I love it when good friends provide wonderful inspiration.  


used to keep things bottled up, and over time explode
let the pressure build, til I couldn't take no more
then I learned I made a choice, don't have to be that way
I can be who I want to be, there's no one else to blame
there's no one else to blame

breathe deep, go slow
know when to let things go

let go of your baggage, it's not something you need
learn your lessons, then move on - let yourself be free
nothing else matters, nothing else is real
everything else fades away - trust what you feel
trust what you feel


Stay calm, it's all a game, just a roll of the dice
try not to get to excited - it's just your life
don't let anyone steal who you are, don't let them steal your truth
don't let anyone take your essence, don't let them control what you do
don't let them control what you do


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