Freedom In Chains

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Todd Lorenz


"No one is so enslaved as the man who can't see his chains."  

That pretty much says it all.  Please pay attention to the lyrics of this song, and take what you will from it.


If you give up liberty for safety, you get neither
these are the times that try men's souls
our debt is a danger to be feared
our dollars are nothing but fool's gold
governmental parasites bleed us dry
rewarding themselves with our blood sweat and tears

Freedom in chains, let deception reign
everyone believes the biggest lies
everything's all right, there's no need to fight
just lay down & sleep just a little more

Ignorance is where tyranny begins
freedom abhors the dark
look for the light, shine it from within
have the strength to follow your heart
propaganda is the tool they use to deceive
free your mind from your prison
from the bondage of their lies


we fight, we lose, we stand and fight again
liberty fades a little at a time
eternal vigilance is the price we pay
freedom dies when secrets thrive
no one is so enslaved as the man
who can't see his chains
ignorance is bliss and a fool takes no blame


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