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Todd Lorenz


Yes, the title means what you think it does, so be warned that this is explicit.  However, while the song makes many legitimate points, it is supposed to be funny.  


If you're easily offended, FU
if you choose to be ignorant, FU
if you have a closed mind, you've quit before you tried
if you'd rather pout and whine FU
you're a crooked politician, FU
you're an ambulance chaser, FU
if you make your living purposefully deceiving
if you never start giving, FU

If you're overly ambitious, FU
if you're needlessly cruel, FU
if you never think of others or you never call your mother
if you don't love your brother, FU
if you're excessively religious, FU
if you don't think for yourself, FU
if you're blindly devoted to a book and often quote it
if you can't see beyond it, FU 

If you drive like an asshole, FU
if you talk at the movies, FU
if you like to cut in line or you're late all the time
if you think I don't mind, FU
if you lack basic kindness, FU
if you don't get empathy, FU
if you don't have passion it's beyond your understanding
to be perfectly candid, FU 

You're afraid of global warming, FU
insist that I recycle, FU
if you think Mother Nature is in any kind of danger
well, it's just the climate changing, FU
you're a global elitist, FU
you trash The Constitution, FU
if you want to take my rights be prepared for a fight
in the name of freedom FU

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