Go Back Home

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Todd Lorenz


This song feels bittersweet to me, and that's all right.  It's about the fact that we all need somewhere to call home, especially when life knocks us down.  Yes, we get back up, but it's nice to have a place where one can recover with loved ones.


been lost long enough, I need something to call my own
I need to go where I belong
questions I can't answer, answers I can't hear
everything is lost in the mirror

all I want is to go back home
all I need is to find my home

tired of feeling empty, I need to be loved
I need find where I belong
truth is hiding somewhere, somewhere I can't find
nothing ever brings me peace of mind


when my world is ending, when it all goes wrong
I need some comfort where I belong
the road is never ending, but the end is all I need
are life & death just part of my dream?


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