I Will Rise Above

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Todd Lorenz


This is about having faith in one's self and one's ability to overcome the odds.


I won't be broken
I won't back down
I won't give up
I will rise above

I may stumble every once in awhile
I may fall apart
I may break a few bones
I may have a few scars

but you, oh you,
you can't hold me down
cause I wear my pain like a badge
and I'm still around

I Will Rise Above

You're not worth my precious time
You're not who I am
You're not what I need
You're not worth being mad
You're just a/another fad

and you, oh you
you can't hurt me anymore
cause I've moved on
like I told you before

You can't hold me 
I will rise above
you can't break me down
I will rise above
you can't keep me down
I will rise above
You can't hold me, you can't break me, you can't keep me down

I Will Rise Above

I will forever change
I will be reborn
I will learn from pain
I will rise above

and you, oh you
you pushed me away
and I, oh I
I'm not afraid
No, I'm not afraid

I Will Rise Above

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