Just The Right Amount of a Little Too Much

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Todd Lorenz


This is the second version of this song.  The original was a full band arrangement, but upon reflection, I decided this stripped down approach was more in line with the spirit of the song.  It was born from its title.  A friend of mine, Steve Furbush, came to me and said he had a phrase that absolutely had to be made into a song.  He was correct; it became the title, and another of a number of songs dedicated to my wife.  


I work, I play, like to do things my own way
having fun, more than some, paying the price for the things I done
then I found someone to hold my hand, someone who understands
that I like to go too far
she's my shining star

she's just the right amount of a little too much
just about enough of a tender touch
just a little piece of heaven above
just the right amount of a little too much

I rock, I roll, living hard can take its toll
pour a shot, knock it down, going through bottles all over town
then I found someone who gets me home
someone who knows my soul
when I go a little too far she mends my heart


I was young, now I'm not, getting old ain't what I thought
moving fast, going slow, could've done so much with what I know
but I found someone who cares for me
loving her comes easily
when regrets go a little too far she heals my scars


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