Lies Lies Lies

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Todd Lorenz


Yes, I have a thing with so-called conspiracy theories.  No, I don't believe Oswald shot JFK, that Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK, or that the murder of MLK was just one nutbar.  I think elections on state levels and higher are rigged (though I can't explain how Jesse Ventura got elected), and I believe those who conspire to run the world don't care about anyone other than themselves.

Have a nice day.  :-)


Oswald shot JFK - lies, lies, lies
Sirhan squared shot RFK - lies, lies, lies
James Earl Ray shot MLK, tell me there's no conspiracy
tell me none of it means a thing
tell me lies, lies, lies

9/11 and the towers fell - lies, lies, lies
Pearl Harbor & Roosevelt - lies, lies, lies
Roswell was just a weather balloon
The Murrah Building was (the work of) (just) one loon
It's all just An Inconvenient Truth
it's all lies, lies, lies

I know you're lying cause I hear you speak
Every word is more deceit
I'll say it loud so you understand
Fight for our freedom? YES WE CAN!!!

every American has a voice - lies, lies, lies
elections are all about freedom of choice - lies, lies, lies
Congress & lobbyists work for our rights
Homeland Security protects our lives
Truth can be found in a politician's eyes
it's all lies, lies, lies

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