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Todd Lorenz


I think this is about the different faces we put on in order to get through life.  I shared the lyrics on Facebook, and a close friend proclaimed them to be rather sad.  I'm not sure that's what I intended, but he has a point.  


you wear your mask to try and get by
to fit in the world such an easy lie
cause you need shelter, you need food
so you need money and a job
so you wear your mask to try and get by

I wear my mask but it makes me sick
try to do the right thing but that's no easy trick
cause I need shelter, I need food
so I need money and a job
so I wear my mask to try and get by

wear the mask to hide the pain, hide the tears, hide the fear
who we are is so much more than this, so much more,
than we choose, we choose to show

we wear our mask to live in harmony
say and do right things in the name of peace
cause we need shelter, we need food
but we need love most of all
so we wear our masks to try and get by

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