Sinful Pleasures (2014)

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Todd Lorenz


This song was originally part of my Twenty Aught Eight project, and has been one of my favorites ever since.  When I got a new amp and cabinet for electric guitar work, I knew this song required a revisit.  I think the guitars sound fucking brilliant.  


laying awake at night, my eyes are heavy but sleep won't come
every day takes its toll on me, nothing hurts more than being alive
I take solace wherever I may find it and as often as I can
a simple song, a good meal, some good old fashioned lust with a pretty girl

Yeah, oh yeah
sinful pleasures are all I need

I don't know her, she don't know me and right now that don't matter
she gives me something that I really need and I can give her what she wants
we cling to each other like we're gasping for breath, revel in the joys of flesh
love has no place, it's all about lust and false comfort for the night


I been alone so long I can't take anymore
she helps me ease the pain
I can feel her need so much like my own
right now it's all we have

she wraps herself around me with desperation, relief just seconds away
I explode inside, she's close behind - then we fade away
it's all so basic, so primitive, and it feels so good
it's a piece of heaven, at least for now - tomorrow can fix itself



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