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Here are all my releases with a brief description of each.

Love Songs & Lullabies 

Released 4/9/19
My wife loves my guitar playing, probably more than I do.  While I was taking a hiatus from making music, she asked me to record a collection of songs to help her fall asleep at night.  The first thing I said was something like, "So you want me to write stuff so boring it puts you to sleep?"  I think it might of been her way of nudging me back into writing.  Two songs have vocals; the rest are instrumentals.  



Released 1/1/14
I had all the songs written and almost completely recorded for this album before I gave serious thought to and settled on its title.  Hope. Simple, straightforward, apt.  The songs cover some dark topics, but in the end, they are largely optimistic; probably because I'd like to be.  After all, what's the alternative?



Released 5/15/11
When I play live, I rarely perform cover songs. But, a friend and my wife both suggested I record some of the songs I did cover, along with a few others.  My favorite from this album is The Long Black Veil which was written by Marijohn Wilkin & Danny Dill, and has been covered by a number of artists including Lefty Frizzell, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews, Joan Baez and The Chieftains (theirs was the first version I heard). I am especially proud of what I did with this song.  I've played some of these tunes for years; others were learned specifically for this project. I had a great time working with them, and each one has influenced me in one way or another.


 The Life & Times of Snuffy Wilson

Released 12/5/10
Snuffy Wilson is a character inspired by a single song (Never Got Along), various stories, and real life bluesmen who have graced this planet with their talents. Among them are Guy Davis, Robert Johnson, Son House, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker.  While Snuffy is fictional, I suspect there's at least a bit of him in each of us; certainly I have more than my fair share. He's an example of what not to do, and perhaps he's an illustration of what happens when you go all in and lose.


Twenty Aught Eight, V1

Twenty Aught Eight, V2

Twenty Aught Eight, V3

Twenty Aught Eight, V4

Released in 2008 (all year long)
Between Jan 13, 2008 and Jan 5, 2009 I published a new song every week. I started by posting to my myspace page (which is now defunct) and transitioned to publishing on my own site. It involved lots of work; I maintained a full time "day job" at the same time. But, it was more fun than anything else. I experienced tremendous growth as a writer, instrumentalist, and recording artists, and remain proud of the project.


My Blues

Released 5/1/07
This collection was released on the same day as Live. Love. Learn. Sing. Its songs are reworked versions of previously released material I wanted to revisit. The arrangements are sparse, consisting of one vocal and guitar, are are truly are a reflection of who I was.


Live. Love. Learn. Sing.

Released 5/1/07
This came out on the same day as My Blues. The songs were new at the time, and covered topics like love, desire, self-discovery, resolve, and a touch of zen.  


Here I Stand

Released 11/24/2004
The songs are introspective, and I'd like to think I've come a long way as an artist.  Topics incluce pain, loss, love, the desire for success, and the need to let go.


I also recorded two other albums which are no longer available - Reflections and Even My Shoes Got The Blues.  



I've done a few audio books, listed below.  WARNING - they are adult books with graphic content. 

By Alex Lee

Confessions From A Sadist, Part One

Confessions From A Sadist, Part Two

Confessions From A Sadist, Part Three


By Gina Watson













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